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Canadian car owners being misled about how often a vehicle needs to be serviced?

A class-action lawsuit claiming car owners are being misled about their vehicle’smaintenance schedule is raising questions about how often Canadian drivers need to service their carsor evenchange the oil.

The trial for the class action wrapped up in Montreal on Sept.20 and is now in the hands of a judge.

It began back in 2012, when the lawsuit’s complainant,Thrse Martel, went shopping for a new car with her partner, Michel Lacasse. Wantinga vehicle that was economical and wouldn’t require frequent service, as they live far from an urban area,they ended up buying a Kia Rio from a dealership in Sherbrooke, Que.

Martel and Lacasse believed the regularly scheduled maintenance would come every 12,000 kilometres, as described in the manual’s normal service schedule.

But when Lacasse brought the car in for its first service, he saidhe was told the oil had to be changed far more frequentlyand the 12,000-kilometreinterval indicated owner’s manual didn’t apply to vehicles sold in Quebec because the harsh climate requires more intensive service.

Martel and Lacasse say they were ultimately told they had to follow the manual’s alternate, severe usage maintenance schedule, which called for service every six months or 6,000 kilometres.

Martel is seeking $985 in damages the amount she claims the couplepaid in extra service costs in the two years they owned the car. If the class action is successful, it could apply to other Kia owners in Quebec.

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