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Juno Awards 2021 to be hosted by Toronto

This year is the 35th anniversary ofMurder, She Wroteand Lansbury reflected on the series as well as her long career on screen and on Broadway.

“You have to keep your hand in,” said Lansbury about what keeps her going. “You know, I don’t make movies anymore, but that’s okay. My voice is not my fortune, but certainly, my voice is the thing I’ve been able to keep going and even though I’m going to be 94 next month, I don’t feel anything like that.”

In 1984, a strange new force appeared in the television landscape: a retired teacher-turned-mystery writer and detective named Jessica Fletcher. The show was calledMurder, She Wroteand it starred actor and singer Angela Lansbury. Thanks to the series’12-season run and huge ratings, the entire world learned Lansbury’s name.

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